Monday, February 21, 2011

Views from above and 101 reasons to stay vegetarian in Spain

This weekend was packed full!! School is finally picking up! I actually have a paper due on Wednesday… granted it is only two pages long, but a paper none-the-less! I also started my practicums this week and really, really am excited for those. In a mere 4 weeks I will have full reign over three (one fourth and two fifth grade) English classes here twice a week! Frightening for the students and me, but we are all excited so hopefully that helps. Spanish schools are very different from American schools, though—talking in the middle of class, looking out the window in a daze, and messing around in your backpack are all very acceptable despite what’s going on with the chalkboard—a cultural difference that is going to take some getting used to!

But I’m going to keep the text short on this one so here is a brief description of what you are looking at:
1)    Carmona- a small town near Sevilla with some castles and stuff
2)   CADIZ! A place I could live the rest of my life—beach, small town, happy Spanish people—but not eat the rest of my life. You’ll see...
3) Hiking in Aracena, another small town in the "mountains" (the same place where I went to the mine etc. etc.)

This is the market in Cadiz... I am struggling to add captions for an unknown reason, so just so you know this is what you are about to see 1- Fruit (normal enough) 2-SHARK! (not so normal) 3- Sacks of baby fish eggs (ew!) 4- Little Bunny Foo-Foo no longer hopping through the forest....5- More of that... 6- Sea urchines which I tried & taste like a block of salt 7- Squid 8 & 9- Cadiz from above! 10- The Beach!! 11- Sheep! 12- Donkey! 13- The best picture I have ever taken-- my photography skills are really improving!

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