Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation... more or less...

 "You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around-- and why his parents will wave back."-- William D. Tammeus


Mom and James at Plaza de España

James eating a montadito!

Underneath the Palace Alcázar

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words-- but since I just can't help myself from talking... -- you can see that the fam came for a visit which was quite lovely, and I have become just oh- so- artsy! The last part was a joke, the first part wasn't. Seeing my family was sooo great. It was a little bittersweet since I still had to go to class during the week and didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked, and seeing them leave brought big tears to my eyes, of course, but time is starting to fly around here and I'll be home soon!

Here are some pictures I took in Cordoba, a small town in Southern Spain that I visited last Saturday.

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  1. Piper! it looks like rick and gretchen and dear old james had a good time out there with you :) hope you are enjoying your last month (?)! Talk to you soon!!