Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Beginning....

This was the view from the bus! these "mountains" divide N& S Spain
I finally made it! Lauren and I took the bus the other morning (I can’t remember how many days right now because my head is all confused), but we were about to navigate the Metro in Madrid, get on the bus, and make a Spanish friend who walked us to our hotel! Lauren stayed in a hostel due to a lot of confusion, and I started orientation my Teaching Development Program. Everyone in the program is really nice. There are 15 of us: 14 girls and one boy… oooh education classes. At first I was worried that no one was going to speak in Spanish, but at breakfast the next day everyone really picked it up and we’re been hablando ever since. We walked around town yesterday, saw Flamenco, and ate tapas. Today I got my host madre and I am SO happy with her. She a 4 foot tall bundle of joy who is afraid that 2 bananas, 2 oranges, 1 loaf of bread, 5 pieces of cheese, a dish of pasta, a salad, pudding, and 2 glasses of Coca Cola is NOT enough food for me. I had to decline on about, well, ¾ of this, not the pudding or pasta, of course.

I was really missing home at first there, but after walking around the beauuutiful city and meeting Manuela (my senora), I am starting to see how people can get attached.

My mom is going to say "spoiled brat!" when she sees this photo :)

WEIRDEST STORY: While waiting for our friend by the Metro, I commented to Lauren how cute this little old man in a green tie was. He proceeded to walk over to a silver box on the wall, pull out a Coca Cola, drink from it, and put it back. Lauren and I looked at each other a little confused, hoping that what we thought had just happened hadn’t happened when, much to our disappointment, another man walked over and deposited a dirty napkin in the box. Our friend, Liz, who lives in Madrid explained that the city doesn’t have water fountains and no one uses water bottles (I won’t be able to assimilate in this way since my Camelbak might as well be attached to my hand…) so some people use this method…. I guess the little man wasn’t as cute as I had thought.

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  1. Your blog ROCKS!! You are such a good writer - your posts are interesting, funny, and heartfelt. I am loving it!! Hugs from us!