Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting to Madrid

Let me start by saying I do not know if this will turn out anywhere close to as cool as the lovely Hannah Jane McKnight’s did, but she inspired me, and we all know that not being able to text and chat everyone’s ear off at the Rec, driving to Brighton, and late at night is about to give me a panic attack, so here comes Piper venting via the world wide web I guess!

When people said this was going to be an adventure they weren’t joking around—the craziness has already began. First of all, when I got out of the car and loaded my bags all over my body, I realized it all wasn’t that awkward to carry, going so far as to declare to my mom, “Well wow, I’m pretty pulled together!” Of course, as soon as that came out of my mouth I managed to land on my butt slipping on ice—guess I shouldn’t get too cocky too fast.

Lauren, Michelle, and I went through security together and no one got pat down—success!  Michelle went on her merry way to the polar ice caps, and Lauren and I went to our gate. Our flight to New York went just swimmingly, and we thought our transition to the flight to Madrid would go just as well (besides the $15 sandwiches…) because we thought our gate, B22, was right where we were—at gate 22. Well, turns out 22 and B22 are not the same thing (Kelly, I should have asked for an airport run-down before I left Boulder!) and if we would have gotten on the plane at 22 we would have been flying in the opposite direction to Los Angeles and not leaving the country at all (by the way, Lauren figured all of this out, not me, so thank goodness she agreed to do this thing together!!). Unfortunately, we didn’t figure this out until 5 minutes before we boarded so we had to jet (no pun intended…ha!) down the airport, onto some shuttle that I’m pretty sure circled the entire JFK airport just to see if they could give Lauren and me a heart attack as we giggled nervously. LUCKILY our gate was right where the shuttle door opened, and we made it in time—missing our plane really wouldn’t have been the best way to start this whole thing off.

Of course, once we got on the plane we didn’t leave for another hour than we were supposed due to some electrical problem—such a shame when you develop a small ulcer in vain.

Oh, movie review from the airplane—Eat, Pray, Love (which Brad Pitt produced?!) was lame--  come on Julia Roberts, Katherine Heigel (or whatever that girl from Grey’s Anatomy is named), did a better job in that pathetic movie where two people raise their friend’s baby better than you did. Please note: I did not have the sound on for either of these and I could still make this review with success. Don’t waste your money.

Our bags were lost in Madrid, but we found them, made it through customs, and met up with Liz who saved our lives! After trekking around on the metro we finally made it to the hostel and the lady who runs it said she was going to have chocolate milk for us in the morning—things are looking up!

I swear I’ll shut up now.

Hasta luego! –PDL

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