Monday, May 9, 2011

“catch a plane to Barcelona cause this city’s a drag…”

Can you name the song?? No. Well, anyways…

The "face" of Barcelona
Some grasshopper origami

After Venice (which actually was very far from a drag), Eve and I got on a plane to Barcelona. My friend from the dorms, Gabe, studied in Barcelona this semester and offered to stay a few days after his program ended to show us around. He did a great job playing tour guide and we got to see the famous church “La Sagrada Família”, the “arc de triomf” of Spain, Barcelona’s Plaza de España (Sevilla’s is better!), and a giant market! The best thing he showed us, though, was the delicious local sandwich shop that we went to back-to-back for giant sandwiches filled with fresh ingredients for a grand total of only 3 euros! Eve and I ventured to the Park Güell (the park designed by Gaudi) and to the beach as well. It was great getting to see Gabe and a new city of Spain!

La Sagrada Família from the front

...and from the back

The Arc

Plaza de España

Another market!
Obviously, Eve and I made some purchases at this station

"little goats"... in case you weren't tired of my nasty dead animal pics by now
Gabe likes little goats
In the Gaudi park-- a giant mosaic ceiling!
The boardwalk
Giant fish out of water!!! (the gold thing in the back)

Hasta la pasta!

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